4 Laser Wood Engraving Housewarming Gift Ideas

When someone moves into a new home, you will find lots of ways to celebrate. One of the more traditional ways to celebrate is with a housewarming gift. A person can use a special housewarming gift for years in the future and really enjoy the special effort you put into gifting them something special. 

One way to make a gift personal is with a laser wood product engraving. Laser engraving offers precise accurate details and gives you the opportunity to add custom designs to a lot of different products. Check out some options that would make ideal housewarming gift ideas.

1. Cutting Board

A cutting board provides a nice decorative item for the kitchen that can help prepare and serve food to guests. A laser engraving can feature the family name on the cutting board or a unique feature like a picture of the home. You have multiple areas to choose for the laser engraving, including a bottom corner of the board or right in the center.

2. Coasters

Coasters are another food related item that new homeowners can display in either the kitchen or living room. A coaster features a lot of space to fit text and gives you a lot of options. Like the cutting board, you can write out the family name on the board. Consider the use of a short quote like "Home Sweet Home".

3. Wooden Wall Map

Order a custom gift that really reflects the area of the new home. Laser engraving can create small details on wood and you can take advantage of the advanced laser wood engraving technology with a wooden wall map. The map may include the whole city or town the new home is in or include just the neighborhood itself.

If the property is big enough, you may even choose a property map with engraved numbers of the year the house was purchases. Play around with different ideas and see what the laser wood engraving company can come up with.

Once complete, you can framed the engraved wood for added protection.

4. Christmas Ornaments

Celebrate the year of the new home with a simple engraved holiday ornament. The ornament can include the year the house was purchased and a small message like "our first home". You could even include a picture of the home laser engraved right onto the wood. A small circular ornament adds a nice personal touch and creates a nice visual for a Christmas tree.

Plan ahead to have the product ready for when the family members or loved ones move into the home.

Reach out to a company like Keeter Manufacturing & Laser Tech to learn more.

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