Brighten These Spaces With A Mural

If you're looking to add a splash of color to your building, a painted mural can be an option to consider. A colorful mural can work well on the exterior or interior wall of a building, but these aren't the only places that can work well for this type of art. If you're looking for a creative way to brighten any type of space, consider whether a mural might be the answer. You can consult with a local artist who specializes in mural work, visit the area in question, and then discuss a variety of projects. Here are some spaces that your mural artist can brighten.

Under A Bridge

The space below bridges tends to be dark and uninviting, which is less than ideal if countless people walk through this area daily. If you handle the upkeep of such spaces for your municipal government and you're keen on improving the look of a pathway beneath a bridge, a mural can be a good choice. There are countless different directions that your mural artist can take, but something that features vibrant colors will be effective for adding life to an otherwise dull area.

In The Subway

Another bland space that can benefit from a wall mural is a subway station. Your artist can come up with a variety of appropriate designs for you to evaluate. For example, if you want a number of murals in a number of subway stations, one theme might be to have images from nearby parks or tourist sites included in the murals. These murals could appear on the walls of the subway platforms themselves or in the lobby areas of the stations. People who take the subway daily might appreciate the vibrancy that this art can provide, while visitors to the area may feel that the murals help to make the subway stations feel more inviting.

On A Garage Door

A mural on a garage door can be an effective way to attract attention. This can especially be true if the building itself has a plain design, such as a building that is solely made of bricks. The design on a garage door can represent the type of building. For example, if you run an automotive garage, you might favor a mural on one of your garage doors that depicts the interior of your shop — thus making it look as though the door is up and the shop is busy.

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