Your First New Tattoo: What To Expect

Seeing tattoos on others and accompanying others for their time in the chair is not the same experience as getting one yourself. The thought of your very first tattoo may fill your mind with questions; knowing what you should reasonably expect can affect some of the tattoo decisions you make. Check out these tattoo details for help:


While the pain of a tattoo isn't unbearable, being unfamiliar with it or thinking you can cope with it could enable bad decisions. It could be best to select a tiny tattoo so that if you're in pain, you know it won't last long. Once you understand what the process feels like, you can go for larger tattoos later.

The idea of pain should also affect placement decisions. Generally, wherever there is less padding and fat, the more painful it could be. If you've been envisioning a tattoo on the inside of your wrist, for instance, that is probably going to feel worse than a tattoo on your thigh.

Financial Investment

As you're researching artists, you could be surprised at the range of prices you discover. Your first inclination is probably to save money, but remember that you are investing in something that will be a permanent part of your body. Paying a true professional to operate with skill and high-quality ink and equipment is wise; therefore, don't throw money away on an excessively cheap tattoo because you think you're getting a deal.


Because of pain and considerations for aftercare, avoid walking in for your tattoo without some skin and body preparation. You may want to have some over-the-counter pain medication beforehand, for instance. You can also call ahead and ask what kinds of creams or ointments could be used on the healing skin after your tattoo so you can purchase it first. Ensure you're not hungry or thirsty before your appointment and that the tattoo site is clean and easy for the artist to get to.


After the tattoo is done, the artist will talk to you about care. Of particular note is showering, as the tattoo shouldn't be too wet in the first few days afterward. Wrapping the area with some plastic wrap is one option but ask if there's a better one for your particular tattoo.

Understanding details about the whole process can give you a better tattoo experience. For more information, tattoo artists, like those at Evil and Love Tattoo, can answer questions and be a valuable resource.

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